Change in motion: A new way of working

Jubilee Place

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented organisations with the impetus to change.

Just as ‘experience retail’ has been a focus for those curating retail centres as a counter to online retail, workplaces will need to pivot to draw employees back to the office and to provide a forum for the new focus of the workplace – collaboration, innovation, and ad hoc conversation.

Not all buildings can facilitate such change. Smart design, servicing flexibility, and a diversity of settings are required.

Our current circumstances have provided the momentum in employee appetite for change. Jubilee Place, currently under construction and scheduled for completion late next year, provides the opportunity to capture that momentum while it is in full swing.

There is a reason why the modern office is referred to as the ‘workplace’. Now much more than a ‘space’ where people come to work, the modern office is a ‘place’ where people come together to deliver outcomes through a variety of collaborative activities.

Jubilee Place provides the tools to reposition the workplace to curate experiences, to elevate health and wellness, and to redefine an organisation’s value to its customers. In doing so, a business will be strengthening its organisational values, enhancing employee sentiment, and helping to attract and retain the best talent.

With its onsite amenity, dedicated outdoor workspace, light filled floors benefiting from 3.4m vision glass façade panels, naturally ventilated common spaces, 1:8 servicing and touchless amenity, Jubilee Place provides the forum within which differing workstyles and work activities are facilitated by clever design.

In these ever-changing times, the right workplace provides the flexibility to enable a range of different ways to work, and to seamlessly accommodate organisational change.

Jubilee Place is that place. The right place for the future workplace.