Iconic structure: Robert Bird Group commit

We are delighted to welcome Robert Bird Group, the structural engineers for Jubilee Place, as our latest tenant.

Rarely is the structure the ‘hero’ of an office building’s design intent. However that is certainly the case here, with Jubilee Place’s iconic structural diagrid complementing a celebrated and renewed heritage asset.

Damon Kambouris, Robert Bird Group’s Structures Manager agrees that the structural authenticity of the design intent is noteworthy. “The great thing about Jubilee Place is its honesty. Every part of the structure is on display, and every part of the structure is a response to the constraints of this site. That is truly satisfying as a structural engineer. Buildings like Jubilee Place don’t come around too often. We are very proud of our role in making it a reality and delighted to be calling it our home in 2022.”

Designing around Jubilee Place’s unique site constraints has proven to be a demonstration in experience and skill, and added valuable area to the building. However thinking through the methodology required to construct such a unique structure has provided an even more challenging overlay.

Robert Bird Group modelled and monitored the structural approach through several interim stages as loads were transferred and the structure settled on its path to the final structural solution.

Occupying Jubilee Place will act as a daily reminder to Robert Bird Group’s employees and clients of their commitment to engineering design excellence and visually demonstrate their construction and delivery expertise.