New workplace: Meaningful experiences

Another new tenant for Jubilee Place: welcome to multidisciplinary design practice ThomsonAdsett.

There is a reason why the modern office is referred to as the ‘workplace’. Now much more than a ‘space’ where people come to work, the modern office is a ‘place’ where people come together to deliver outcomes through a variety of collaborative activities. Our current circumstances have provided the momentum in employee appetite for change.

With this move, ThomsonAdsett have captured that momentum while it is in full swing. Brisbane Studio Principal Gavin Kickbush agrees, saying ”Our people are what make our practice unique. Jubilee Place provides a unique environment. It provides the tools to reinvent our workplace to curate collaborative experiences, to elevate health and wellness, to reinforce employee sentiment, and to help to attract and retain the best talent.”

“It also gives us a wonderful platform to display our values. Our core belief that drives all of our design work for our clients is to create places for meaningful experiences that serve to enrich people’s lives and add value through listening, caring, crafting, applying knowledge and innovating. Jubilee Place provides a wonderful reflection of that ethos, and a forum within which our workplace can be delivered as a true reflection of that thinking.”

Interior Design Principal, Shireen Hoffmann explains, “Now more than ever it is recognised that workplaces nurture us and support the way we work by offering agility, connection and technology. The increasingly blurred veil of how and where we work in the post-covid environment requires workplaces to work harder by being dynamic and smart, foster innovation and culture, all whilst offering a fluid metamorphosis with our busy lives.

In that sense, Jubilee Place will provide a home for our creative teams that will facilitate our design processes and the outcomes for our valued clients by enabling us to celebrate the ‘Why’ in all that we do and work more collaboratively than ever before.”

With its onsite amenity, dedicated outdoor workspace, light filled floors benefiting from 3.4m vision glass façade panels, naturally ventilated common spaces, 1:8 servicing and touchless amenity, Jubilee Place provides the framework within which differing workstyles and work activities are facilitated by clever design. We are delighted that one of Brisbane’s leading design and architecture practices has elected to create a place for their people here.