Agile working: Taking the workplace outdoors

Jubilee Place's 600sqm+ rooftop terrace

Natural light, ventilation and views are known to be key contributors to wellness, productivity and satisfaction. Nowhere is the quality of light, ventilation and views better than in the outdoors, particularly with the benefit of Brisbane’s climate.

With that in mind, for Jubilee Place we are taking the workplace outdoors: agile working opportunities will be catalysed by a large outdoor terrace.

Blending indoors with outdoors, the apex of our building will benefit from an approximately 900sqm space.

Complementing other in-house agile working opportunities, it will take advantage of the Brisbane climate and way of working in our public realm.

Material public plaza space and natural ventilation to common areas at lower levels provide agile opportunities. So does the Jubilee Hotel – perfect for an informal drink or team lunch meetings.

Team members will be enabled to collaborate or take breaks within spaces that are connected to nature, heavily landscaped and with access to fresh air and sunshine.

This is a rare opportunity that cannot be achieved in any building.