Biophilia: A connection to nature

Jubilee Place's 600sqm+ rooftop terrace

The term biophilia refers to our preference as humans to be in nature.

We simply thrive in it.

Study after study shows that not only does being outside in nature improve our mental and physical well-being, it improves memory and focus, reduces mental fatigue, and increases creativity.

It helps us do our jobs better.

The more biodiverse the environment we are in, the better.

Taking time to reconnect in nature establishes our body’s natural balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic responses; preparing our bodies for mental activity (sympathetic) while reducing our stress and keeping us relaxed (parasympathetic).

For this reason, employers competing for the best workers are using outdoor amenity to show they care about their staff’s wellbeing.

The apex of our building will benefit from an approximately 900sqm space, blending indoors with outdoors.

This area, complementing other agile working opportunities, is designed to take advantage of the Brisbane climate and way of working.