Construction Update: Diagrid rockets ahead

Site photo with graphic indicators highlighting level 4 and level 8

Jubilee Place’s diagrid structure has rocketed ahead again; now largely complete up to level 8.

With a similar methodology to the approach taken for our lower levels, we now expect the diagrid to remain at its current level for the next month or two. Those enormous diagrid A-frames that have lifted the structure from level 5 to 8 will soon start to temporarily disappear behind safety screens whilst the concrete structure catches up to the diagrid.

With the first couple of typical floors now poured, the employee experience resulting from the proportion and flexibility of our 100% contiguous floorplate and 3.4m vision glazing is now apparent.

Standing in front of the lift core, the space and availability of natural light on all sides feels generous. However it is the clear city view that steals the attention.