Workplace flex: Future focussed risk mitigation

Organisations are currently having to make bold assumptions about future work from home appetite and economic circumstances to inform their forward premises requirements.

For those circumstances where business priorities require flexing of a workforce population beyond the assumptions available prior to lease commitment, Jubilee Place can provide two contingency plans.

Firstly, our servicing density and flexibility will facilitate ‘in-house’ flex. We don’t expect that most tenants will plan for a typical 1 person per 8 square meters occupancy model. However our services, amenities, fire egress and premium grade lifting are all designed to accommodate that population density. Combined with the inherent flexibility of our access floors, generous in-ceiling service zones as well as structural penetrations, some relatively minor amendments to furniture layouts can easily support a boosted head count within the premises to meet either short term project requirements or unexpected long term strategic business growth.

Secondly, the availability of co-working giant IWG’s circa 4,900sqm Spaces co-working hub within Jubilee Place will facilitate ‘in-building’ flex. Their business model provides both short and long term availability, with various levels of bespoke fitout and or technology integration. This ‘in-building’ flex option facilitates footprint expansion outside of an organisation’s core premises whilst retaining proximity to the core workforce and maintaining the same staff and visitor arrival experience.

Together, our ‘in-house’ and ‘in-building’ flex options are a powerful combination to mitigate the risk around assumptions that are needing to be made in today’s turbulent environment.