End of trip: Catering for a rise in active transport

Jubilee Place’s end of trip facility houses 108 bicycle racks, 380 lockers and 17 showers.

To put that in context, our tenants will have access to 20% more bike parks and nearly three times the number of lockers necessary to secure the relevant Green Star active transport points.

In the post-COVID world where it is not unreasonable to assume that an increase in use of active transport may become a long term trend, we expect our decision to over-supply to have future proofed our building.

The arrangement of our end of trip facility provides dedicated male and female shower and locker rooms. In addition, overflow lockers are located in shared areas such that an excess of demand by either gender can easily be accommodated.

Touchless operation has been a design focus for this shared use area. Entry and exit from Symes Street will operate via touchless proximity card operation. Taps will operate on touchless sensors. Entry configuration to the locker rooms has been configured to protect visual privacy, whilst not requiring any doors at all.

We have also allowed charging points for electric bicycle users.

The dedicated and secured point of access to the end of trip facility on Symes Street has been positioned in a location that is well removed from the Symes St vehicular access to the site. This arrangement provides a pleasant arrival experience for users, but importantly it avoids the safety hazards apparent when vehicles and bicycles or pedestrians are in proximity.

This combination of features is far from the ordinary approach. The outcome will facilitate much greater availability of facilities than a typical Brisbane office building, in a way that responds to sustainability principles and maintains occupant safety and wellbeing as a top priority.