Corporate branding: The power in associating your brand with iconic architecture

Jubilee Place digital signage locations

What’s in a name? Quite a lot if it is on an iconic structure. Marketers know that putting a brand on a prominent building can make millions of positive impressions in the minds of potential customers. Brands choosing to align themselves with iconic buildings and harnessing their intrinsic attributes has a long and well-proven history….

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Workplace trends: What the future of work looks like post Covid19

The Coronavirus has brought about significant and sudden workplace change, but emerging research suggests that while enforced isolation has been a boom for the growing work-from-home trend, transforming millions of commuters into remote workers almost overnight, it may not be a positive move for all workers and productivity. Nicholas Bloom, an economics professor at Stanford University, who has…

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Jubilee Place excavation complete

Despite necessary COVID19 safety measures including disciplined social distancing for everyone onsite, Watpac is powering on with the build of Jubilee Place, located on the corner of St Pauls Terrace and Symes Street in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley.  Upon completion, Jubilee Place will house Watpac’s own headquarters, along with IWG’s Spaces co-working hub. Its modern architecture…

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