Jubilee Hotel rebirth: A visual feast

Jubilee Place has catalysed the revitalisation of one of Brisbane’s most treasured places, the Jubilee Hotel – an iconic gathering place that has played a much-loved part in Brisbane’s history for over a century. The precinct will benefit from the Hotel’s beautiful heritage character sitting alongside the modern architecture and authentic structural expression of Jubilee…

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Workplace flex: Future focussed risk mitigation

Organisations are currently having to make bold assumptions about future work from home appetite and economic circumstances to inform their forward premises requirements. For those circumstances where business priorities require flexing of a workforce population beyond the assumptions available prior to lease commitment, Jubilee Place can provide two contingency plans. Firstly, our servicing density and…

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The ultimate floor plate

Jubilee Place's typical floor plate

Jubilee Place presents a large, regular shaped 1,536sqm floor plate to typical floors. Its linear side core configuration performs an energy saving role by taking a large percentage of direct heat out of the floor. It is efficient and flexible in its regular and clean proportions, with all service cupboards internalised. More importantly this arrangement…

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